Yamaha Drums
Innovative ideas, the finest materials, and the height of technology produce drums of unmatched quality. Drums by Yamaha, garnering high acclaim from the world's top drummers ever since their first drums were created in 1967.

Website: www.yamahadrums.com

Evans Drumheads
Evans Drumheads has been in the music industry for more than 40 years, and those six words best describe the history and vision of the company. Decades ago, Evans was the pioneer of drumhead manufacturing and design. Today, we are the innovators.

Website: www.evansdrumheads.com

From the beginning, the leaders of the company have stayed close to the working musicians in order to understand their experiences and needs. By sustaining these close bonds and looking to them for insight into the design and manufacturing of innovative and extraordinarily sounding cymbals, Zildjian has maintained its position as the world's leading cymbal manufacturer.

Website: www.zildjian.com
Artist Profile: www.zildjian.com/Artists/K/Ben-Kennedy

Vic Firth
For over 40 years, Vic Firth has been a leader in design, innovation and technology. He has pioneered new concepts and methods to constantly improve upon the manufacturing process, resulting in the world's best drumsticks and mallets.

Website: www.vicfirth.com

Protection Racket
Our mission is simple; To provide the musicians of the world with musical instrument transportation systems of the highest quality, that combine effortless transportation and functionality with maximum protection, whatever the gig.

Website: www.protectionracket.co.uk

ACS Custom UK
We love music and want to share our passion with others. All of our in-ear monitors are hand crafted from medical grade silicone to give the user maximum comfort and the components are specifically chosen to ensure a listening experience like you wouldn't believe.

Website: www.acscustom.com/uk